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What is Microneedling?

Microneedling involves the use of a pen that glides over the face and treatment area, while penetrating the top layer of skin with numerous needles that are contained within the pen. This process of making micro channels in the skin breaks up old collagen strands. These micro injuries induce the body's healing response, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers within the skin to repair the damaged cells. As the tiny injuries heal, the skin will rebuild stronger than before resulting in a firmer, smoother and more youthful appearance.


Is Microneedling Right for Me?

This process can be used to solve a variety of skins concerns with the overall goal of improving subtle signs of aging including improve skin tone, reduced pore size, minimizing fine lines, and minimizing acne scars. When combined with the proper growth factors including your own platelet rich plasma results can be enhanced to have a more dramatic effect. Other combinations of topicals can be used in conjunction with the procedure to tackle melasma and some types of brown spots.

Also see our page on PRP or platelet rich plasma and Secret RF Microneedling.

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